Umeti, znači imati!

Umeti, znači imati!

The company "BIG HARVEST doo" is an assembly of professionals qualified to install and set up a system for anti-hail nets, irrigation systems and all types of fences and gates.

 Experience has shown that any investment in an orchard set up is risky and uncertain without these three elements.

 In its operations, the company relies on cooperation with the finest partners in these areas both from Serbia and the European Union. Each segment is carefully designed and based on long experience of employees in jobs of installing anti-hail protection systems, irrigation systems, and wire fences as well as other types of fences. The entire installment process is thorough and includes the geometric measuring, setting of boundaries, design, marking of the plot, machine impalement of the prestressed concrete pillars, mechanical twisting of the anchors, digging the canals, drilling pillars’ holes for the fence, a complete setting up of the anti-hail protection and irrigation systems; to sum things up - the client receives "turnkey"!

The materials used in the installation are certified and purchased from trusted domestic and foreign manufacturers.

Welcome to "BIG HARVEST"!

Anti-hail nets Big Harvest


The palette of materials we use is based on products of our partners, the renowned European manufacturers: ArnoPlast, Agrinova II i Loom of fruit

Fences Big Harvest


Raising a fence around the orchard is necessary to protect the plants from animals, rodents and all types of pests, in general, that might damage the seedlings.

Irrigation equipment Big Harvest


The system for irrigation and fertigation gives each orchard opportunity for greater yield and higher quality. The company "BIG HARVEST" offers its clients...