Loom of fruit

Loom of fruit d.o.o. is a new company for the production of pillars of prestressed concrete, formed by the merging of an Italian company with extensive experience in the sector of industrial prefabrication and Serbian companies, with the sole aim of: offering fruit craft companies a better relationship of quality and price in order to attract more competitive foreign market.


The combination of italian Know-how with the geographical position of Serbian production guarantees advantages in terms of cost and delivery terms for all more new markets such as Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, or the member of the Union of Independent States (CIS). So, the Italian technology in the Serbian country has the result of "MADE IN SERBIA," i.e., a trademark that allows the customs clearance of all countries of the CIS.


The company is located 100 km south of Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, on an area of ​​16000m2 with a production hall of 4000m2. The factory is located only 40 km from the city of Smederevo, which is one of the headquarters in terms of river transport logistics, via the Danube to the large port of the Black Sea.



Italian technology of new generation
The production consists of three completely independent lines, two of them with a length of slightly more than 80m and the third length of 15m able to produce pillars sufficient to cover approximately 650 ha annually. All lines are equipped with a heating system for full control of the maturation of concrete in any weather conditions. The quality of our product is the result of carefully selected raw materials for the production of concrete.

Concrete is composed of raw materials that have been selected based on many years of experience in working with the same and based on the proven quality of the products of renowned manufacturers. Concreting of the concrete is done in our concrete base of the brand "SIMEM", an Italian manufacturer which is one of the leaders in this sector on a world level.

The entire production process, starting from the stage of piling up of pillars through cutting, washing of molds, to the final stage of polishing of poles and thermal processing is done using machines manufactured using Italian technology.