Installment of the anti-hail protection system

Two most important components in the installment of the anti-hail nets are:

- The quality of materials

- The quality of performed works


The company  "Big Harvest" has ensured a supply of the most quality materials from the renowned European manufacturers:

- Prestressed concrete pillars „LOOM OF FRUIT!


- Plastic accessories „ARNOPLAST“


Our workers who carry out the setting up of the construction and extending of the net have a large experience dating from 2006. when they had worked on the first orchard in Serbia with the anti-hail protection. It happened in Celarevo where „Delta Agrar“ set up the anti-hail net on an area of 400 ha.

Then, with an instructor from Austria, they have gained valuable experience and knowledge of this job, and since that time our workers only complement and implement it successfully throughout Serbia. Led by our chief of operations Mr. Mladen Lacarca, are trained to conduct this job successfully in the most demanding terrain. Their professionalism has been recognized and praised by all investors we have worked for, and that’s the reason we assert proudly that they are the largest capital of the company "Big Harvest".