Mechanical stamping of pillars

Mechanical stamping of concrete pillars, as carriers of anti-hail nets, is carried out by an excavator possessing additional elements for this type of job. "Big Harvest" is committed to ensuring that in every aspect of its business hire the best of the best. That’s the case with the mechanical stamping of the prestressed concrete pillars. For this job, we engaged our partner from Slovenia, Mr. Ales Slokar. Due to his rich work experience, acquired in five-year engagement in the most famous European company for setting up anti-hail nets- "FRUIT SECURITY",  Mr. Ales Slokar is the guarantor that the job on each orchard will be done impeccably. Depending on the quality and preparation of land, the work performance of this master of his craft is between 80 and 100 columns per hour! Fast, efficient and quality!