The palette of materials we use is based on products of our partners, the renowned European manufacturers:  ArnoPlast,  Agrinova II  i  Loom of fruit


Protection from natural disasters through anti-hail rockets has long been proven to be unreliable and unsuccessful, so that, in Europe it’s long ago abandoned and a far more reliable way is taken - a system of anti-hail nets. In Serbia, the first system of anti-hail nets started to be installed in 2005 at the orchard of "Delta Agrar" in Celarevo, on an area of 400 hectares.

Setting up this system took several years, and was performed by the workers who, under the expert supervision, passed unique experiential training in this business. These same workers are now employed in the "BIG HARVEST", and because of their knowledge, expertise, experience, and organization, they represent the pride of the company. This team with the main machinist Ales Šlogar represents the mainstay of the company, and their efficiency in normal conditions is measured between 700 and 800 impaled pillars daily.

The design of the anti-hail nets system is the most sensitive segment of the job because the ultimate effect of protection depends on it. Due to bad projects about 70 ha of orchards in Serbia collapsed in 2017.  Thanks to a mutual understanding with its main strategic partner, a Serbian-Italian company "Agrilab", "BIG HARVEST" managed to get the privilege of having Mr. Stefano Conti, an agronomist with a European reputation and long experience in this area, doing the projects. This, as well as the quality materials used in the installation, brought the company in a position where we can give 5 years written guarantee on the complete installed anti-hail protection system.

For the system of anti-hail nets to be reliable and stable for many years, it is essential that the used materials are top quality. With the careful selection  "BIG HARVEST" came with the high quality and certified products used throughout Europe, and they fall into the highest class of materials for this type of job.


Hail inflicts dual damage to the orchards – direct one, which is reflected in battered fruits and reduced crop, and indirect - as the result of gender branches breaking and it is felt the next year. Besides, injuries on the plant are ideal places for the penetration of pathogens, so the consequences can be far more serious. When you take into account how much economic damage hail can cause, setting up anti-hail nets proved to be cost-effective in the long run, although it is an expensive investment. Anti-hail nets have numerous advantages. In addition to protection from the hail, one in summer and protect an orchard from excessive insolation and sunburn injuries. It should be noted that with anti-hail nets the effects of using plant protection products are better. They also represent a powerful barrier against the invasion of insects, as well as against the damages inflicted by birds.  It is best to set up nets before planting, or if you are unable to do so at the moment, but you have it planned, then you should at least set up the pillars, and the nets can be added later.