GPS Geo Legal


The geodetic company "GPS GEOLEGAL" d.o.o. was founded in 2012. Services are performed both by physical and legal persons in the shortest possible time, quality, and at reasonable prices.
The quality of service is confirmed by a large number of satisfied clients and completed jobs.
GPS GEOLEGAL has wide field experience in the field of geodesy.
Using modern equipment, they can provide the most accurate and accurate measurements.
The company owns a first-order geodetic license and deals with the provision of all types of geodetic services, such as:

-complete the floor

-cutting objects in the cadastre

-cutting the lines

-production of geodetic substrates

-case objects

-production of the parceling and pre-parceling

-legalization and legalization of objects

-requesting the sagging of objects

- calculation of the amount of excavation of the I plot of land

-the distance of bookmakers from schools

-binding and controlling the foundation

- Marking pillars for the anti-grid

-Good surveillance

- reports to resolve property legal relations


These are just some of the completed jobs:


The * City of Sabac-works in the field of road traffic expertise as well as the legalization of the Sabac municipality building.


* BIG HARVEST Ltd. Belgrade-marking of the pillars of the counter network KO Ribari, KO Petlovaca, KO Štitar.


* Telekom Srbija doo- recorded more than 100km of TT cable for posting purposes.


* FRUTTI doo Šabac - monitoring of the complete construction of the facility on kpbr 2785 / 10KO Majur (calculation of the amount of gravel, pumpkin, asphalt, cistern, recording of installations, usable for the object).


* Caritas Sabac - marking the future issue until the user's license on kpbr. 3297/3 KO Šabac.


* Vopachel doo-complete service (from foundation to usable) to kpbr. 2785 / 30KO Majur.


* SBE Serbia doo-calculation of quantities, marking of the facility, use on kpbr. 2785/20 KO, Majur.


* Banja Comerc Bekament Ltd. Arandjelovac - marking the basic rates in Osečina, Čitluk.


* Tikkurila doo Šabac - recording of KTP at the location of Tikurila Šabac.


* Sani Group doo-complete service for construction of a building on kpbr. 1157 KO Sabac.


* MP PROFIL2011doo-from the foundation to the use license Gomex facility on kpbr. 6921/3 Šabac.


* VRG IMPIANTI SR doo Kragujevac - marking hydrant network.


* MONDI Šabac doo-complete monitoring of the construction of a building on Kpbr. 309/19 KO Šabac.


* Lekovit doo Šabac-building on kpbr. 6494/5 KO Šabac.


* Agroarm doo Zemun-KTP NA KPBR 637/1 KO Butchers.


* M INOX Construkt Ltd. Maovi-KTP 966/2.


* ELIXIR GROUP doo Šabac-geodetic study of pyrite dumps within the Elixir factory.


* INOT doo Sabac-tracking facility kpbr.8441 / 2 Sabac.




* KARTONVAL Ltd. Belgrade-KTP ZA 5816/23 Drenovac.


* KING TIRE doo Šabac - from the marking of the foundation to the used kpbr. 3346/9 KO Majur.


* ALEX E & C doo Belgrade-KTP 852/8 Petlovac.


* GAS TEH doo Indjija-gas recording at Mondi.


* Vivero doo Belgrade-KTP 637/1 Butchers.


* MOBI GAS doo Belgrade - KTP kpbr. 13329/1 KO Šabac.